<< a Pearly Heath (Coenonympha arcaniaPyrénées orientales (France) - 24/06/2018
<< two views of a male of Eros Blue (Polyommatus eros) puddling - Hautes Pyrénées (France) - 30/06/2018
<< two views of a female of Gavarnie Burnet (Zygaena anthyllidis). In this species, the red abdominal belt is well visible - Hautes Pyrénées altitude 1740m (France) - 30/06/2018
    << male of Gavarnie Burnet (Zygaena anthyllidis) - Hautes Pyrénées altitude 1740m (France) - 30/06/2018
    << a Clouded Apollo (Driopa mnemosyne- Hautes Pyrénées (France) - 30/06/2018
<< a Piedmont Ringlet (Erebia meolans)  - Pyrénées orientales (France) - 24/06/2018
    << a female of Mountain Dappled White  (Euchloe simplonia) laying - Hautes Pyrénées (France) - 30/06/2018
    << an ant taking nutritive liquid from the Newcomer's gland of a caterpillar of Chequered Blue  (Scolitantides orion). The drop of liquid excreted by the gland is visible on the left photo (blue arrow). The gland is located on the rear part of the larva (white arrrow) and releases a drop from time to time when stimulated by the ant - Pyrénées orientales (France) - 17/06/2018
<< a mature caterpillar of Chequered Blue  (Scolitantides orion) feeding on Sedum anopetalumPyrénées orientales (France) - 17/06/2018
    << a female of Adonis Blue (Lysandra bellargus) - Pyrénées orientales (France) - 23/06/2018
    >> a Large White (Pieris brassicae) - Aude (France) - 23/06/2018 
    << a caterpillar of Narrow-bordered five-spot Burnet (Zygaena lonicerae) - Hautes Pyrénées (France) - 30/06/2018
    << a Narrow-bordered five-spot Burnet (Zygaena lonicerae) - Pyrénées orientales (France) - 24/06/2018
    << a Tufted Marbled Skipper (Carcharodus floccifer- Pyrénées orientales (France) - 24/06/2018
    << a male of Slender Scotch Burnet (Zygaena loti) - Hautes Pyrénées (France) - 30/06/2018 
    << a chrysalis of Sooty Copper (Lycaena tityrus) ; it originated from the egg shown on this page - Haute Garonne (France) - 25/06/2018
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