A typical chadian landscape near N'Djamena during the dry season (February, 2008). This bushland is flat and rich in species of genus Acacia (especially Acacia seyal). At this period of the year temperatures reach 40°C during the day (under shed) ; the sun and the hot wind coming from Sahara desert dry the grass. During the wet season, massive rainfalls bring this area to life which becomes muddy with temporary ponds everywhere. Butterflies fly throughout the year, but many species show two very different aspects depending on the season. Therefore all the butterflies shown in these pages were seen in Chad during the dry season ; it is important to keep in mind that some of these species would be different during the wet season (mainly those of the Pieridae family).

  [1] Azanus  ubaldus - male [2] Azanus ubaldus - same specimen as [1]  [3] Azanus  ubaldus  - male
  [4] Azanus ubaldus  - upperside of the male showing the bold androconial patch typical in this species [5] Azanus ubaldus  - same specimen as [4]
[6]  Azanus  ubaldus  - mating pair
  [7] Azanus  ubaldus  - female laying on Acacia seyal [8] Azanus  ubaldus  - female [9] Azanus  ubaldus  - upperside female

  [1] Axiocerses harpax [2] Axiocerses harpax - same specimen as [1]   

[1] Chilades trochylus - mating pair
[2] same scene as [1] [3] same scene as [1]

[1] male of Deudorix livia (Pomegranate Playboy) - The male upperside is orange with black markings on the apex of the forewing and also along the costa
[2] Deudorix livia - same specimen as [1] 

[3] Deudorix livia - male

  [4] female of Deudorix livia [5] Deudorix livia -  same specimen as [4] [6] Deudorix livia - female
  [7] Deudorix livia - female [8] Deudorix livia - female viewed from above [9] Deudorix livia - female laying on an Acacia sp. pod
  [10] Same scene as [9]
[11] Combretum sp. bush which is also used as a foodplant
[12] Deudorix livia - female laying on Combretum sp. fruit
[13] Deudorix livia - female laying on Combretum sp. fruit
[14] Same scene as [13]
[15] Deudorix livia - eggs
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