This page can help you identify the butterfly you have seen if it belongs to the Lycaenidae or Riodinidae family :  
1) look at the butterfly thumbnails below and determine the genus or species which most closely matches your butterfly  
2) then find the genus or the species in the alphabetic index and check the species-pages by clicking on the latin names  
Please note that in some genera (Lysandra sp., Polyommatus sp., Plebejus sp. Cupido sp., Glaucopsyche sp., Cyaniris sp....), males are blue on the upperside whereas females are brown (with variable orange spots and blueish suffusion). See Lysandra bellargus page as an example.  
Agr --> Lys Mac --> Vac Illustration of the main genera and species
Agriades optilete
Agriades orbitulus
Agriades pyrenaicus
Agrodiaetus sp. [see Polyommatus sp.]
Albulina orbitulus [see Agriades orbitulus]
Aricia nicias
Maculinea sp. [see Phengaris sp.]
Meleageria daphnis [see Polyommatus daphnis]
Neozephyrus quercus [see Quercusia quercus]
Agriades sp.
Aricia sp.
Lysandra sp.
Polyommatus sp.
Plebejus sp.
Callophrys sp. 
Celastrina argiolus
Cupido sp.
Glaucopsyche sp.
Hamearis lucina

Lycaena sp.
Phengaris sp.
Cacyreus marshalli
Satyrium sp.
TABLE OF CONTENT (of species pages)
 photo available        species not pictured yet
fam. LYCAENIDAE & RIODINIDAE male female pair larva egg chrysalis last update
Agriades glandon         07/02/2021
Agriades optilete           30/08/2014
Agriades orbitulus       19/04/2019
Agriades pyrenaicus         07/02/2021
Aricia agestis 10/02/2021
Aricia artaxerxes         11/05/2018
Aricia montensis         10/02/2021
Aricia morronensis         30/08/2014
Aricia nicias         05/02/2015
Cacyreus marshalli 07/02/2021
Callophrys avis         04/04/2014
Callophrys rubi   30/05/2015
Celastrina argiolus   19/04/2019
Cupido alcetas         23/11/2013
Cupido argiades     07/02/2021
Cupido minimus     22/02/2015
Cupido osiris   27/04/2019
Cyaniris semiargus     08/06/2021
Eumedonia eumedon       08/06/2019
Glaucopsyche alexis     07/02/2021
Glaucopsyche iolas   02/12/2013
Glaucopsyche melanops     07/02/2021
Hamearis lucina       02/02/2021
Kretania trappi         12/10/2013
Laeosopis roboris       20/04/2019
Lampides boeticus   20/04/2019
Leptotes pirithous 08/05/2020
Lycaena alciphron     12/02/2021
Lycaena dispar       17/03/2013
Lycaena helle         17/03/2013
Lycaena hippothoe       12/02/2021
Lycaena phlaeas 12/02/2021
Lycaena tityrus   18/05/2019
Lycaena virgaureae       13/02/2021
Lysandra bellargus   03/03/2021
Lysandra coridon       31/05/2021
Lysandra hispana       12/05/2018
Phengaris alcon       12/10/2013
Phengaris arion     22/04/2019
Phengaris nausithous         12/10/2013
Phengaris rebeli       22/04/2019
Phengaris teleius         12/10/2013
Plebejus argus       05/03/2021
Plebejus argyrognomon       28/02/2014
Plebejus bellieri       26/04/2020
Plebejus idas     13/05/2018
Polyommatus amandus     10/05/2019
Polyommatus daphnis       09/02/2015
Polyommatus damon     13/05/2018
Polyommatus dolus         05/03/2021
Polyommatus dorylas       10/05/2019
Polyommatus eros       10/05/2019
Polyommatus escheri     14/05/2019
Polyommatus icarus     28/04/2019
Polyommatus nivescens            
Polyommatus ripartii       15/06/2019
Polyommatus thersites     27/04/2019
Pseudophilotes baton   07/04/2021
Quercusia quercus         12/10/2013
Satyrium acaciae       02/04/2021
Satyrium esculi         15/05/2021
Satyrium ilicis         15/05/2021
Satyrium pruni           17/03/2013
Satyrium spini       15/05/2021
Satyrium w-album       01/06/2019
Scolitantides orion   05/05/2019
Thecla betulae       12/02/2015
Tomares ballus     16/05/2021