This page can help you identify the butterfly you have seen if it belongs to the Hesperiidae family :  
1) look at the butterfly thumbnails below and determine the genus or species which most closely matches your butterfly  
2) then find the genus or the species in the alphabetic index and check the species pages by clicking on the latin names  
Car --> Pyr Slo --> Thy Illustration of the main genera or species
Syrichtus proto [see Muschampia proto]

Carcharodus sp.
Erynis tages
Carterocephalus palaemon
Ochlodes sylvanus
Thymelicus sp.
Hesperia comma
Spialia sp.
Muschampia proto
Pyrgus sp.
TABLE OF CONTENT (of species pages)
 photo available        species not pictured yet
fam. HESPERIIDAE male female pair larva egg chrysalis last update
Carcharodus alceae   07/02/2015
Carcharodus baeticus        23/04/2018
Carcharodus floccifer         07/02/2015
Carcharodus lavatherae         10/11/2013
Carterocephalus palaemon         06/02/2015
Erynnis tages     30/05/2015
Gegenes pumilio            
Hesperia comma       27/03/2015
Heteropterus morpheus           17/03/2013
Muschampia proto         12/10/2013
Ochlodes sylvanus     06/05/2020
Pyrgus alveus       17/05/2019
Pyrgus andromedae           17/03/2013
Pyrgus armoricanus       09/06/2019
Pyrgus cacaliae           24/04/2018
Pyrgus carlinae       01/06/2019
Pyrgus carthami         17/05/2019
Pyrgus cirsii         02/03/2014
Pyrgus foulquieri         15/06/2019
Pyrgus malvae         12/10/2013
Pyrgus malvoides 08/05/2020
Pyrgus onopordi         01/02/2015
Pyrgus serratulae       10/06/2019
Pyrgus sidae   23/04/2019
Pyrgus warrenensis            
Spialia sertorius       27/06/2019
Spialia therapne           13/05/2018
Thymelicus acteon         13/02/2015
Thymelicus lineola       06/05/2020
Thymelicus sylvestris          06/03/2014