This mature caterpillar of an Orange Tip (Anthocharis cardamines)  as found on Biscutella laevigata in the Var (France) on the 23rd of May, 2013. Several days later, this larva underwent its metamorphose and became a chrysalis... on this page are presented the progress of this incredible phenomenon
1] View of the caterpillar on the 24th of May ; it stopped eating the day before and chose a stem of the foodplant for its last moulting.  The larva started to make a belt and a pad with silk, the latter being used for bearing the weight of the larva. It then stayed motionless with its head against the foodplant 2] Close-up showing the silk which has been put around 
the stem at two points
3] On the 25th of May, the caterpillar was still motionless and seemed to have inflated a bit especially on its front part ; internal changes in progress...

4] Start of the moulting process on the 26th of May, the larva becoming stiff suddenly -  time of shot  11:21 A.M. 5] time of shot 11:21 A.M. 6] The larva is now bending backwards - time of shot 11:22 A.M.
7] time of shot  11:22 A.M. 8] time of shot  11:22 A.M. 9] time of shot  11:22 A.M.
10] Start of skin sliding - time of shot  11:22 A.M. 11] time of shot  11:22 A.M. 12] time of shot  11:23 A.M.
On this close-up, the eye of the butterfly is already visible by transparency
13] time of shot  11:23 A.M. 14] time of shot  11:23 A.M. 15] time of shot  11:23 A.M.
16] time of shot 11:23 A.M. 17] time of shot  11:24 A.M. 18] time of shot  11:24 A.M.
19] time of shot  11:24 A.M. 20] time of shot  11:24 A.M. 21] time of shot 11:25 A.M.
22] time of shot  11:25 A.M. 23] time of shot  11:25 A.M.The pointed apex of the nymph's abdomen clearly moved away from the pad of silk for a second or two, then the nymph put it back in its place 24] time of shot  11:25 A.M.
25] Start of lateral and vigorous body shaking, with the larval skin dropping - time of shots  11:25 A.M.
26] time of shot  11:26 A.M. 27] body movements still going on - time of shot  11:28 A.M. 28] time of shot  11:29 A.M.
29] slow backwards stretching - time of shot  11:29 A.M. 30] time of shot  11:38 A.M. 31] time of shot  11:42 A.M.
32] end of backwards stretching 12:05 A.M.  
33] same chrysalis on the 1st of June, showing colour changes. From now patience is needed as the emergence of the butterfly should occur after overwintering.