Laying process in progress...

Female of Zygaena transalpina looking for a suitable place for laying. This was suggested by the  fact that she was flaccidly flying above an unflowered part of the grassland (Franche-Comté, France, July 2009).

The insect finally chose a leaf of a wild rose which is actually not the foodplant used by caterpillars. Nevertheless some plants of Fabaceae family were growing nearby, though quite remote from the egg-laying site.

The eggs were laid slowly one by one on the underside of the leaf, very close to the ground.

 After laying a small number of eggs,  the burnet spontaneously took off and flew away. It is likely that the whole stock of eggs is laid in several (many?) times.

 Close-up of the clutch.
(The white-and-brown stuff has nothing to do with the clutch itself  and was there before the egg-laying process started)