numbering of the spots        
  choice A
  • 6 red spots, spot No.6 can be small and even hardly visible
  • no red belt
  • spots No.3&No.4 can be remote from each other or touch each other 
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  choice B
  • 6 red or pinkish spots (sometimes with white inside) 
  • bold red belt
  • spot No.6 can be small and even hardly visible
  • spots No.3&No.4 do not touch each other
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  choice C
  • 6 red spots of similar size
  • bold red belt or very inconspicuous
  • the forewing shows a dark or bright grey color
  • spots No.2,3,4&5 include black markings which look like 'hyphens' on the front part and on the back part of these spots 
  • local species living in the South-East of France