numbering of the spots        
  choice A
  • bold red belt in both sexs
  • species of small size
  • spot No.3 is tiny
  • spots No.2&4 are linked by a narrow red line
  • spot No.4 is usually square or rectangular 

Zygaena sarpedon
  choice B
  • red belt well visible in females
  • all the spots are oval or rounded
  • species of rather large size
  • spot No.3 is well developed
  • spots No.2&4 are large and linked with a red line which can be missing in some specimens
  • wings are translucent
  •  scarce species living in 4 distinct areas of south-east of France. Very local and sedentary, this burnet requires dense colonies of its hostplant 

Zygaena cynarae